Sunday, May 22, 2016

Miles, Miles, Miles!

Only 2 more days (3 for those that missed due to a field trip) left to run/walk! Come join our community as we rack up the miles. The students have been moving around the track with great participation. All students will be recognized on Wed. the 1st at an all school assembly. Join us as we  celebrate their efforts.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Jump Rope for Heart

What a great success! MRA helped to save 47 lives in the state of Oregon through their fund raising efforts.  Students worked very hard all month and displayed their talents at the culminating assembly on March 16th.

Friday, January 22, 2016


Students in all grades have been working very hard on their own individual fitness and their soccer skills. We will be moving on to basketball for a few weeks. The Alders and the Cedars will then combine the 2 skills into a fun game called Boccer. This next week the students will have less P.E. due to the music performance. I will be supporting Ms. Blythe as she continues to work with the students.

Please continue to send your child to school with the proper shoes for class - TENNIS SHOES!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

January - A New Year of new activities

Students are off to an active start in 2016!

All grades have started an indoor soccer unit that focuses on ball handling skills for their individaul development. A variety of games will be incorporated into the unit where all students will be able to stay active, use their skills, cooperate, and have fun.

Fitness is a large component of the program. The older students will be reviewing their Fitnessgram goals and continue working hard to reach those goals. They started back from break by completing a 11 station strength  circuit.  I know I was sore! Ask them to show you some of the exercises they did and to teach you the correct form.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Speed Stacking Fun!

The students have been busy stacking away.  Speed stacking that is!  It has been a great pleasure to see them working hard on improving their skills and racing against the clock.  “Stacking cups?! What is the point of that?!” ,was my first reaction to speed stacking a few years back while attending a conference.  My mind was changed quickly as I participated in an active workshop.  I realized the benefits were many.  It is actually a fitness-based sport that appeals to kids from all backgrounds and abilities.  Some of the benefits are improved hand-eye coordination and reaction time, right, left brain activation/bilateral coordination. The skill of Speed Stacking works on focus, concentration, and ambidexterity, as well as, exercise for the body and energizer for the brain.  It is a Physical Education activity that meets all SHAPE National Standards (1-5).

STACK UP! 2015 took place on Nov. 12th.  This is an international Guinness World Record day.  MRA was part of making this new record go down in history.  Our 190 stackers contributed to the goal of 610,000 stackers stacking in one day.   So far the total has reached 607,735 (which broke the previous record) with more schools still being counted.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Hard to believe it is the 30th of Sept.!!  What a great group of students here at MRA.  I am truly blessed!  They have all "jumped on board" with the procedures and expectations in the gym.  The younger students are working on Building a Foundation for Physical Education by learning locomotor moves, tempos, levels, and pathways.  They are also learning lots of cues like "start, freeze, spots in the gym, etc. so that they can get the most out of their physical movement time.

All of the grades have been working on a Cooperatives Unit.  They have done fun things like walking a partner that has their eyes closed through an obstacle course with just using verbal cues.  Another activity was passing 4 hula hoops in different directions with linked arms in a circle.  It can be done!
Alders and Cedars are working close with their Squads to see if they can earn the most points in the first few months. Ask them how they do that by giving you some examples of how they earn points throughout the class time.

I am looking forward to a great year with your children!  Thank you for letting me teach them.

Monday, August 17, 2015


Welcome Back to MRA and a great school year ahead!!  

It is my pleasure to announce that all of your children will be receiving more Physical Education this year!  I will be updating my blogs with information regarding new units and activities that they will be participating in.



I know that the environment at MRA provides for creativity and active play outside which is amazing.  However, most children come into the gym after recess with filthy shoes that cover our floor in clods of dirt.  The students have to sit in it, exercise in it and sometimes even lay in it.  I (and most students) would greatly appreciate CLEAN SHOES for class!  Thank you!!